PTC Moses Cold Water Jetting System

Water jetting high pressure unit cold water, for cleaning, hydro-sandblasting and unclogging sewers and drains. It can be mounted on a homologated two-wheel trailer with or wtihout fiberglass covering and 600 lt water tank, homologated for travelling along roads complete with lights, parking brakes and stabilising jacks plus a repulsion brake on the tow bar. Also available in skid version, suitable for truck transport. Predisposed for lifting through forklift and upper hooks.

Power (flow rate / pressure)

75 lpm / 210 bar
84 lpm / 190 bar
102 lpm / 150 bar

Medium Pressure Water Jetting

Cold Water Units

Hot Water Units

PTC Moses Cold Water Jetting System
PTC Moses Built In PTC Moses Skid Mounted PTC Moses Trailer Mounted